Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Victorious Journey of a Rubber Ducky Cake Baker.

Ta-Daaaaaah!  All Done!!!!

Holy Fondant, 2-Tier, Vanilla Bean, Swiss Meringue Buttercream Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake Bliss Bakers!  Who woulda thunk it that this cake would have legitimately brought me to the brink of coo coo ca choo and back all in a 48 hour period!  I mean...I see a cute cake...I've done cakes..see only 2 tiers...I've cried a few tiers (get it...tiers...tears???heeheeeeewhooooo.....)....it can't be THAT hard, right?????  Ohhhhh man! You wanna talk about eating my words...I LITERALLY ATE THEM OVER AND OVER AND OVER!

From beginning to end, top to bottom, Opening Act to the Grand Finale, I was just absolutely RIDDLED with every annoying problem imaginable!  It really wasn't so much that there were problems, it was that the level of this project was stretching me.  And stretching me.  Like one of those Gumby toys I used to play with as a kid. Just when I thought I had conquered one issue, another challenge would appear. It wasn't just cake issues either!  Not to whine here, but I was dealing with massive migraine issues as well as seizures throughout the process.  No fun and something that made things a bit crazy, but thanks to my hubz and kids and their help and support, we were able to work around these things and beat those challenges by completing and delivering a truly amazing cake despite this going on!                                                                                                  
Here's the cake before the Ducky

I also have to say that each challenge I conquered also challenged me to learn some seriously awesome knowledge that I know I will use over and over again for every future cake project I take on.  My ultimate dream and goal in baking is to bake artisanal wedding cakes and own my own bakery/food truck, so this was the perfect project to challenge me and help me see how I handle all of the many aspects that come with putting together one of these bad boys.  And on both a personal and professional level, I needed to see that.  I needed to see that my ability and brain and physical limitations were not going to keep me from achieving my dream and that I was in a safe space to take my baking to the next level of cake baking from mainly cookie and bite-sized baking.
And here we go with the Rubber Ducky!

At the end of the project, when the cake was complete and I was placing it on the client's cake plate and I got to see their eyes just light up and hear their "oohs and ahs", I was on a high like no other and it was so unbelievably rewarding and something that made each and every struggle so totally worth it.  It inspired me to do more...to do better...to move to the next step.  I have been and am now really thinking and hoping about pastry school as a possibility!  I would not be able to go full time at all, but I think I could physically and mentally handle part time hours and just take my time and see where that road leads me.  It is challenging to learn how to bake and work around the seizures, migraines, pain, etc., but I just cannot NOT do this.  I was meant to do this.  THIS is what I was put here on this earth to do....and it is an absolute dream that I have found it and am able to do it everyday.
The cake is in the car all wrapped up and ready to go!

What About You????

What are some of the challenges & victories you face with your most challenging baking projects? What have you learned from these experiences and what are the things you wish someone would have shared with you when you first started baking?  Let's post these things and share so we can help each other grow and learn together!


Happy Bliss-filled Baking!!